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Stripped Down Convos About Consciousness

Colette Davenport invites you on an intimate exploration into the realms of metaphysics and non-duality with her avant-garde podcast, Let's Get Naked. Designed as a provocative modern-day salon for scholars, authors, and podcasters who are courageously leading the way into a new paradigm of existence.

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Let’s Get Naked

Experts Exposé

Join a community of like-minded experts who share a deep commitment to unveiling the intricacies of metaphysics. Let’s Get Naked is an invitation for engaging discussions, thought-provoking interviews, and leading-edge insights. Connect with the boldest minds in the field and strip away misconceptions about consciousness.

Author’s Uncensored

Calling all authors in the metaphysical and non-duality space! Let's Get Naked is where literary luminaries can bare their souls, discuss their latest works, and share the timeless wisdom that shapes our understanding of reality. Be part of a platform that celebrates the creative power of the written word in profound exploration.

Podcaster’s Playground

Are you a podcaster with a penchant for pushing boundaries? Then we can be friends. I designed Let's Get Naked to amplify your voice, challenge conventional thinking, and contribute to expanding consciousness in our own unique ways. Let’s connect to see if we align, and if so, let’s have a down and dirty convo about reality.

Recent Episodes

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Instant Transformation

Metaphysics, quantum mechanics, and authentic self-expression.

The Visibility Goddess

How human design can help individuals understand their unique strengths.

Higher Power and Manifesting

Cynthia shares her continuous journey of growth and success and lessons learned,

About the Host

Over the last 20 years, Colette has been an international speaker, best-selling author, and a professional coach who recently shifted gears to go all-in on the path of personal mastery. She is now pursuing a Phd, works as a private metaphysician, and is bringing brilliant souls together with her new podcast, Let’s Get Naked.

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